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Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage

.When proper medical protocol is followed, and delivered by one of our highly qualified network dentists, most insurance companies will cover much of the cost of treatment. The dentists in our network participate with most insurance plans including Blue Cross Blue Shield, UPMC Health Plan, Medicare and many others.

Our staff is highly trained to understand medical protocols and medical documentation requirements and will work directly with your insurance company to help you maximize your medical insurance benefits. Since the dentists in our network participate with most all insurance plans, your out of pocket costs are reasonable and affordable!

In most cases, if we are unable to participate directly with your health plan our expert insurance authorization specialists can work closely with your insurance company to have your treatment covered at in-network rates and reduce your costs.


Did you know we have locations in network with UPMC for You? You can use your Medicaid benefits to cover your OSA treatments. Pittsburgh Dental Sleep Medicine is the only in-network provider in Southwestern Pennsylvania who is also board certified. Call us today for more information!