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TMD Treatment

TMD Treatment

We treat more than just sleep apnea ...


We treat jaw pain and headache too!

What is TMD?
TMD, more commonly known as TMJ, stands for TemporoMandibular Disorder. TMD encompasses disorders of the jaw muscles, temporomandibular joints, and the nerves associated with chronic facial pain.

What are the signs and symptoms of TMJ disorder?

- Pain in areas of the face, ear, jaw, or mouth

- Jaw locking or change in the bite

- Popping, clicking, or grinding sounds (may not be painful)

- Difficulty Chewing

- Headaches or head pain

- Pain or tenderness in the face, jaw, neck, or shoulders

- Pain or stuffiness in the ears (tinnitus)

Our Experienced Providers

Dr. Michael F. Hnat, DMD, Diplomate-ABDSM, Diplomate-ABDCSM, Fellow-AACP

Dr. John B. DeBonis, DMD, D-ABDSM