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Dentistry’s Role

The role of the sleep-disorders dentist in the management of sleep-disordered breathing is expanding and most medical sleep teams are including a properly trained dentist.
The duties of the dentist include:.
-Case detection (not diagnosis) -Assess candidacy for oral appliance (OA) therapy -Select OA design -Construction, delivery of OA -Titration of OA -Treatment follow-up and monitoring -Collaboration with M

Dr. Trizzino’s commitment to his patients doesn’t stop at providing long-lasting, high-quality restorations. He believes that the key to having healthy teeth that last a lifetime is educating his patients about the importance of preventive care. Good systemic (total body) health provides the best chance to maintain great oral health. Nutritional and stress management are routinely discussed. Dr. Trizzino is so committed to excellence that he schedules only one patient at a time, allowing his complete attention to only your needs. This is in contrast to dentists using three or more rooms filled with multiple patients at the same time. Dr. Trizzino has been using mercury-free restorations for over 25 years.

Dr. Trizzino has completed thousands of hours of continuing education and is skilled in the most advanced concepts and technologies available. He is revered for his expertise in cosmetic dentistry and has taught cosmetic veneer courses for a major dental company. His commitment to excellence was evident even in dental school. At Emory School of Dentistry, he graduated fourth in a class of one hundred students. Based on his commitment to excellence during his time at Emory, he was accepted into the Dental Honor Fraternity, OKU.